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When Tea Becomes so much More

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Formless Water CHAI Infuser is  handsfree so you can easily bring it anywhere and use it anyway your Imagination can lead you. Many of our users enjoy it in their car, under the laptop, or even in the park!

You will be surprised at how much you can achieve with only 10-15 minutes of Pure Focus, each day...

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I was skeptical at first, at how a tea infuser can help me focus, but after doing it for a bit more that 2 weeks... i'm mindblown! It's easier to work, it's easier to exercise, I even feel happier! Great find!

Michael B. Andrew

Great product! Haven't really been a tea drinker, but since staying at home so much, I decided to make a change, for the better! water meditation is very inspiring!


Quality is great! How about adding some tea suggestions?

Andrew Jostakowski

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