Breathing Meditation

Before beginning, let us Breath First,



So, you think breathing is simple?

Stop for a moment and think about it? What do you really do when breathing? As quick as your lungs are full of air you expel in haste for the next gulp of air without a second thought. There is more to breathing than first appears, a lot more. It is possible to achieve so much just by breathing and as an example: correct breathing enables adepts to sit naked in ice, seventeen thousand feet or higher above sea-level, and keep hot, so hot that the ice melts and the adept freely perspires.

Before breathing, there must be a rhythm, a unit of time which represents a normal inhalation. The heartbeat of any individual is the proper rhythmic standard for that particular individuals breathing. Hardly anyone has the same standard of course, but that does not matter. You can find your normal breathing rhythm by placing your finger on your pulse and counting the tempo one, two, three, four, five, and six. Get that rhythm firmly fixed in your subconscious so that you know it unconsciously, subconsciously so that you do not have to think about it.

It does not matter what your rhythm is, so long as you know what it is, so long as your subconscious knows what it is. We are imagining that your rhythm is the average one, in which the air intake lasts for so many seconds or the beats of your heart. These are just the ordinary everyday routine beats. We are going to alter that breathing rate quite a lot for various purposes. There is nothing difficult in it and it is a very easy thing indeed which can lead to spectacular results in improved health.

Breathing is the most essential of our functions. Without breath we cannot exist, because it takes breath, containing oxygen and other gases to activate the brain and keep it working. But our manner of breathing is the coarsest way we can possibly use air;

Our Approach

Breathing Exercise I

 Disorders of the stomach, the liver, and the blood, can be overcome by what we term the Retained Breath system. There is nothing magical in this, mind, except in the result, and the result can appear to be quite magical, quite without parallel. However, at first you must stand erect, or if you are in bed, lie straight. Let us assume though, that you are out of bed and can stand erect. Stand with your heels together, with your shoulders back and your chest out. Your lower abdomen will be tightly controlled. Inhale completely, take in as much air as you can, and keep it in until you feel a slight, very slight throbbing in your temples to the left and to the right. As soon as you feel that exhale vigorously through the open mouth, REALLY vigorously, you know, not just letting it drift out, but blowing it out through the mouth with all the force at your command. Repeat this three times.

Breathing Exercise II

 First of all, stand with feet together, toes and heels touching. Inhale slowly the Complete Breathing system. That is, chest and abdomen while counting six pulse units. You only have to keep a finger on the pulse in your wrist and let your heart pump out once, twice three, four, five, six times. When you have got the breath in after your six pulse units, retain it while your heart beats three times. After that exhale through the nostrils for six heart beats. That is, for the same time as that in which you inhaled. Now that you have exhaled keep your lungs empty for three pulse units, and then start all over again. Repeat this as many times as you like without overtiring yourself. As soon as you feel any tiredness, stop. You should never tire yourself with exercises because if you do you defeat the whole object of those exercises. They are to tone one up and make one feel fit, not to run one down or to make one tired.

Breathing Exercise III

 Now you must do the Cleansing Breath system. The cleansing breath is absolutely invaluable to enable you to improve your health. Inhale completely, three complete breaths. Not shallow but deep breaths, really deep ones, the deepest that you can manage, fill your lungs, draw yourself up and let yourself become full of air. Now with the third breath retain that air for some four seconds, screw up your lips as if you were going to whistle, but do not puff out the cheeks. Blow a little air through the opening in your lips with all the vigour that you can. Blow it out hard, let it go free. Then stop for a second, retaining the air which is left. Blow out a little more, still with all the vigour you can muster. Stop for another second, and then blow out the remainder so that there is not a puff of air left inside your lungs. Blow it out as hard as you can. Remember you MUST exhale in this case with very considerable vigour through the opening in your lips.