Formless Vision

Our vision goes beyond words, and we have been working on it for decades.

We have discovered that the only Truth that is worth mentionning, is the One that is Inside of each One of Us.

It is only after discovering the famous Alan Watts and his teachings, that we truly understood how things work, and how we can assist ourselfes in having better lifes (in our Best Bodies), as well as Joy and other great things! 

It is important for us that those who have arrived on FormlessWater understand that what we do here, is not just selling , but actually providing a Spiritual Tool that can help you Balance, Focus & reach your Best Version, and for this we are constantly adding Knowledge and Mind Tricks, through our Social Media accounts (Facebook, Instagram & Youtube), for each to take that which they are Ready to implement.

Our Mind is the most powerfull tool at our disposal, and yet no one provided us with an Instruction Manual, on how to use it effectively.

By using one of our tools, in the specific way that is written on FormlessWater, and with enough Time & Perseverance, it will blossom (just as any flower). 

By implementing the Water Ceremony on a Daily Basis, it becomes a hack to overcome the mind, and thus to direct it to Focus to whatever you want to achieve, in your Life.

We have discovered that it takes a minimum of 33 days of use for the Mind to become Adapt at something, and a total of 93 days for it to completely become a Habit, which is how we have used it, and are using it ever since.

As Alan Watts states: "It is only by changing our Internal Framework, that we are able to See change on our External Framework".