Water Meditation

Infusion of Blessings

Water symbolizes regeneration, fertility, purification, and transformation. Across the globe, spiritual traditions revere water and use it in ceremonies of purification, blessings, and connection to One's True Nature.

 Water Memory is a Teaching that postulates that water can hold the imprint or “memory” of a substance once diluted in it. This idea is further explored by Japanese author Masaru Emoto who suggests that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. In his view (and Ours), blessings and prayers can change the molecular structure of water and give it more vitality, which consumed in this specific way, on a daily basis, will increase One's Health, Focus, Inner-Peace and Understanding of the World.

Our approach

Giving Thanks

While flipping your Water Glass Tea Infuser, take a moment to close your eyes and feel gratitude for the water of Mother Earth. Feel into the oceans, rivers, rains, and streams, and sense genuine appreciation for the life that this element brings. As you drink, allow yourself to be nourished by this Gratitude.

Setting Intentions

While flipping your Water Glass Tea Infuser, set intentions in your mind and visualise that which you want to achieve, and KNOW that all is a matter of Time & Intention in order to reach your goals, as Water is considered a Living Organism that can hear your thoughts, and feel your emotions.

Common goals: Fit Vessel, Discipline & Focus, Meditative Mind, Inner Peace, True Love.


“Sweet spirit thank you for the water that nourishes this life into existence. I understand that the fluid of this body is that of the oceans and the rains. In water we are all connected. I honour the power of water to restore this body, spirit, and mind, to its eternal state of grace and peace. Thank you for this perfect gift, this giver of life.